Elsewhere: ICV2 on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN sales

ICV2 has an article about Marvel's announcement of direct market pre-orders of over 500,000 copies for their upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. It'll be interesting when we get numbers for that, but more interesting when we get the numbers for #2, which probably won't be preceded by an announcement to the press.  Sales drops on second issues for new on-going books at Marvel have tended to be 40%+ for the last little while, with drops greater than 50% not being unheard of.  The biggest drop has been for the book with the biggest launch, UNCANNY AVENGERS going from 303,000 for #1 to 114,000 for #2 (down 62%) and now down to 53,000 with the latest issue (down 82% from #1). I'm guessing that AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will drop in excess of 70% with #2, maybe even over 80%.

For those curious, last time Marvel published AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 it was the #4 book of the month, behind the core X-MEN titles, just under 125,000 copies, and only 10,000 copies ahead of the also re-launched that month PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #1. That was less than double what AMAZING has been selling before (an average of 66,000 in the year prior to the re-launch) and the book was back down to that level by #10.

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